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When you allow your long-term disability company or other third party to both choose and pay for your representative, you need to question whose interests they represent, yours or theirs. You should question whether; your interests are being protected, your medical records are being disclosed to your insurance company or other parties, and if an assessment of your disability is being shared with your Insurance company or other parties. Representative’s chosen by and paid by Insurance companies or other parties may not represent your interests. At the ANGELLGroup, we represent only you and respect your right to confidentiality. We will never compromise or disclose your personal information to any other party. If you chose the ANGELLGroup to represent you in your Social Security claim, our fee will be deducted from any overpayment created by the receipt of Social Security*. What this means is; your LTD company is paying for the ANGELLGroup to represent you, but you chose your representative and the ANGELLGroup will not work for your LTD company or share information with your LTD company.

* As a condition of receiving an unreduced Long-term Disability benefit, you signed a Reimbursement or Repayment Agreement with your Insurance Company. That Agreement says that you will repay your LTD company from any Social Security benefits you receive for the same period that you received LTD benefits. Social Security, if you are awarded benefits, will withhold your attorney's fee from those benefits. Your LTD company will then subtract that amount from the amount you must repay. This means that you do not pay for the cost of your representation, your LTD company bears the cost whether they chose or you chose your representative.



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