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The ANGELLGroup understands that getting a fast decision is second only to obtaining a favorable decision on your disability application. A fast award alleviates the stress of waiting for a decision, allows you income protection, continuation of health insurance and, if you want it, earlier job retraining.

The ANGELLGroup's emphasis is on early and full development that perfects your claim through both linear and vertical development of all the medical and vocational issues. Obtaining medical source statements that support your disability and submitting your claim for an on-the-record, fully-favorable decision. This approach can eliminate the need of attending a Hearing and waiting the year and more it may take for your Hearing to be scheduled.

For those that are not decided fully-favorably on the record, your ANGELLGroup attorney will attend the Hearing with you. In these instances, since your claim has been fully worked for an on-the-record decision, the file is ready for a Hearing and we will advocate for the earliest possible Hearing date.

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